Love. in Lockdown!

Love. in Lockdown!


Love isn’t afraid of Locks neither of Lockdown.

Are you ready to love in Lockdown? Because we are!

Ready & well prepared to turn your beautiful love story into timeless memories, even in Lockdown.

We are well prepared following the govt. guidelines & completely sanitized equipment by Germ Shield certified Coating. That guarantees you no virus & microorganism transmission on the coated surface for 90 days. (Approved by FICCI)

Not only Germ Shield coating, we have planned other things as well.

Intimate Weddings // Small weddings allow us to shoot with smaller crews and the data will be shorter and more affordable, so you don’t have to worry about the Photographer’s budget in this financial crisis.

Regular Checkup // We keep up the regular tests & checkups of our team to stay fit & healthy.

Maintaining Social Distancing // Our team will avoid any close contact with your family members & the loved ones. So that you feel safe & enjoy your big day.

PPE Kits // The team will sanitize our-self first, before entering any premises & also be wearing face masks, face shield, gloves & PPE kits wherever required.


“Book us at the most affordable prices ever. As we are shooting with small crew, so it automatically cut down the shooting cost as well as the post production cost.”

Those who are getting married in this pandemic situation, don’t worry about the memories of your wedding.

For more info feel free to ask:

Call/Whatsapp: +91 81099 89791


Available PAN India

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