Terms & Conditions

Must read our Terms & Conditions // T&C*


*For Private, Small Events & Pre Wedding // Delivery Timelines will be 20-30 Days from the shoot date. Below delivery timelines are for Large Scale Projects & Weddings.
*Photos & Videos will only be shared after completing the second installment and the deadlines will be counted from the day of the second installment done.
1.1) Couple needs to provide a Hard Drive within 7 days from the shoot for the collection of RAW data, the agency will not be liable for any kind of DATA LOSS after 3 months from the shoot date.
1.2) Couple will get a set of 10 pictures within 15 days from the shoot.
1.3) RAW & Edited photos will be delivered within 30-40 days from the shoot.
1.4) One Minute Teaser will be delivered within 30-45 days from the shoot.
1.5) Edited Videos (Trailer & Full Film) will be delivered within 90-120 days from the shoot. (*Time may increase for weddings happening between 1st November to 10th March)
1.6) For the printed album, the couple has to select the photographs & send it to our team. If the client fails to shortlist the images within 3 weeks after the delivery of images, we will deliver the album based on the selection done by our team. (*It will take 45-60 days for album designing & printing after providing the selection).
1.7) Couple needs to revert within 3 days when they receive their videos or album design for any corrections or modifications. (*Time taken by the client for the verification will not be counted in our deadlines.) Any changes or modification in the final product might take another 15-30 days for re-edit.
1.8) In case some portions of RAW Video for Performances & Dance can be requested to be delivered before the final delivery.
1.9) One time changes are accepted in all our deliveries, secondary changes will be chargeable.
1.10) Any last minute addition of events or change in the schedule other than mentioned at the time of booking will be charged extra. (Subjected to availability)
1.11) If the client puts the project on hold for more than three months from the event or wedding date, then the agency (L.I.F.) will not be responsible for any kind of data loss (Images & Videos).
1.12) We employ the best standards for data storage, but still in the event of loss or damage of data due to any technical fault or natural liability is limited to the amount quoted for that particular service in that event. (*We request you to provide a Hard Drive within 7-10 Days or before the wedding to keep a backup copy of RAW data at your end too)


Payment timeline will be as follows :
2.1) 50% Advance at the time of booking.
2.2) 50% Amount should be paid within 7 days from the wedding or event day.
2.3) Final payment should be released within 7 days from the shoot to start the post production, if your package includes the album then 100% payment should be initiated before the final deliveries. (We do not accept part payments at final delivery).

*Any corrections / changes required in the draft video, will only be done after clearing the last installment of the payment.
*LED Screens / Crane / Live Streaming cost needs to be paid immediately after the wedding, it will not be included in the part payment policy.
*Travel & Accommodation charges needs to be paid in advance, not liable for part payment.
*Pre Wedding cost needs to be paid at the time of the shoot. (Not the part of split payment terms)
*In case of pending payments within/before the due date deliveries, editing & printing will be put on hold.
*Please read all terms & conditions before making any payment.


In case the event / wedding gets postponed 3.1) Postpone prior 90 days from the shoot date, the complete amount will be carried forward to the next date. (Client needs to update our team for the new dates at least 90 days prior from the shoot date & 45 days prior in case of small event).
3.2) Postpone under 90 days from the Wedding or Event Date, will cost you 50% postpone charges.
3.3) Postpone within 30 days from the Wedding or Event Date, will cost you 80% postpone charges.

In case the event / wedding gets cancelled
3.4) Cancellation prior 120 days from the shoot date, the complete amount will be refunded.
3.5) Cancellation prior 90 days from the shoot date, 20% of bill amount will be charged.
3.5) Cancellation prior 60 days from the Wedding or Event Date, 50% of bill amount will be charged.
3.6) Cancellation within 30 days from the Wedding or Event Date, will cost you 90% of bill amount.


4.1) The agency retains the entire copyright on the Photographs, Films and other works at all times, throughout the world.
4.2) Where reproduction of works has taken place without informing the agency (L.I.F.) and settlement has not been made, the Agency will make such charges to the publisher of those images / films as falls within the Copyright Act 1957.
4.3) As the agency holds the complete copyright to the Photos & Videos, it can be used on our website & social media platforms for promotional purposes.


5.1) Travel & accommodations for the team will be arranged by the client for cities other than Gwalior & Indore.
5.2) Meals for the team will be at the event venue only, else the team needs a break between the shoot for the lunch & dinner.
5.3) Team required a separate room at event venue for the rest in b/w events & keeping our equipments safe.
5.4) Any misbehavior done by the client’s friends or family members with our team, the agency holds the right for the termination of the services at that moment.