Wedding Decor Guide for Amazing Pictures

Rahul said, "hum ek baar jeete hai ek baar marte hai, pyaar bhi ek hi baar karte hai aur shaadi wo bhi ek baar hi hoti hai". We don't believe that love or marriage happens once because we believe that everyone has a right to choose for themselves and a lifetime right to be happy. But we do believe that whether it's your first love or not, it should be celebrated. Your marriage should be as perfect as you are. After all, your shaadi should be remembered by everyone's dadi. So here come us to help you make your wedding perfect with some amazing decor tips for those captivating bollywood like wedding pictures.

1. Day Wedding

As we all know, nothing beats daylight or sunlight when it comes to photos. So, if you can plan your wedding in the day and that too outdoors, it would give you the best result in terms of photography & videography. You remember Ranbir and Alia’s beautiful wedding pictures, aren’t they perfect? Indeed they are, the sunlight added to their looks and made their wedding picture perfect.

2. Mandap - The Key Element of an Indian Wedding

Mandap is the only place or element, where the couple sits together for around 70% of the time in weddings in India (only if we skip destination weddings or large scale events of Haldi & Sangeet). So most of the pictures of the couple performing the main rituals of the wedding happen in the mandap. Thus according to us you need to majorly focus on the size & decor of the mandap. 
Here we are attaching the dimension & example of the standard mandap size that you see all over the internet.

1.) Size: Width & Length should be 16*16 Ft. // Height should be 12 ft. tall to look extravagant. Else whatever can be arranged, every photographer tries their best to deliver to you the best memories.

2.) Audience sitting arrange should be in front, left side & ride side of the couple. Backdrop or back side of the couple should be well decor or with the scenic view depending upon your venue, subjected to available resources at the venue. *Strictly avoid sitting arrangement at the backside of the couple or a walking pathway for the people either its a day wedding or night wedding. During the pheras people spotted in frames passing by, or sleeping or yawning behind the couple.

3.) Hawan Kund should be the larger one that can be arranged easily or tell your Pandit / Guru Ji for this requirement or now a days decor vendors help you with this, the more amount of fire will be there your pictures / videos looks extravagant.

4.) Decor; it should be well decor, simple – neat & clean, nothing much heavily filled or too much of hanging that touches the couple’s head. Use pastel colours, warm or off-white lights that matches the decor & maintain the colour scheme which is used in fabrics & flowers. *Strictly avoid RGB or multicolour lights.

5.) LIGHTING: Mandap lighting should be given / directional from 4 sides as it is open from 4 sides, but from a distance of at least 10-15 Ft. so that Couple should not blown up nor the lighting stands will be visible in the frame. Even the photography team can work from distance. 

3. Lights - for the night but avoid colour full or Spot Light.

According to photography; lights used in the decor must be white or off white in colour. Those colour full lights / RGB mashes up with the decor, the white flower turn red or purple or pink even the yellow or red fabric turns magenta just because of the coloured LED lights in the decor so there’s no point of using white flower if we wanted them to be turned blue or purple. Off White looks classy, luxury &  extravagant just like some royal weddings. Those golden / off white lights nourishes the decor, also makes your skin looks good in pictures.

– Lighting over the stage for the Couple & Family, most of the decor vendors leaves the couple’s sitting area in dark (without lights) left for the photographers So we have to use our portable lights, but that looks really odd even the decor gets disturbed when umbrellas placed in front of the stage. e.g. in above image.

– Spot lights or any colour full lights should be avoid specially on the Couple’s / People’s Sitting area.

4. Shooting Time - For Getting Ready & Couple Portraits.

Every photographer needs minimum 45 minutes of shooting time be it couple portraits or getting ready of Bride & the Groom.

– Bride & Groom both have to gets ready 60 minutes prior to their rituals timings, so that photographer can have 45 minutes to shoot properly.

– After the stage as well, photography team required 45 minutes for the couple portraits. But in most of the cases team hardly gets 10-15 minutes to shoot. In that case couple can only expect basis poses & safe shots, they can not expect any creative or experimental shots in this short span of time as every venue, decor, lighting & ambience is different from each other so it takes time to do the lighting based creative stuff in the Nights.

– For any specific requirements of photos & videos, couple can inform the team in advance so they can focus more on the couple’s requirements or they should also inform the team during the portraits, whether they are liking some poses or not, just discuss with the Photography team because its your big day & your requirements should be fulfilled first.

5. No Comparison between different projects.

As every wedding is different from one another so it won’t be any comparison between them. Be it venue, decor, vibe, ambience everything is different in all of the weddings. There could be more fun in a wedding while there are weddings happening with so much of peace & silence. Some wedding venues are high end hotel properties with an extravagant heritage structure & decor, so it won’t be justified to compare the pictures / videos of this venue to some ordinary garden or with basic decor. But the moments & emotions can’t be faked, its your big day just live it, enjoy it, ignore the hustles. Things can go up & down in a wedding you just need to focus on yourself, always smile, live your moment.

You need to trust the agency you have hired for your big day, you have already gone through their portfolio, their working style. Every team try their best to deliver the best of your memories but under the circumstances & the opportunities they found in and around the venue.

Factors can improve the final outcome in terms of Photos & Videos
– Venue
– Decor
– Lighting
– Attire Colour Scheme & Decor Colour Scheme
– Time Given for the Portraits
– Family Involvement as in Fun & Entertainment
– Last but most important Couple’s Chemistry all above.

6. Smartphones; Use or Not ?

Smartphone cameras have gotten quite good. Nothing beats the convenience of a smartphone camera. Chances are it’s in your pocket already, so it’s easy to whip it out and snap a quick photo whenever the mood strikes you.

But why are we telling you this ? Your most important day needs to be shot like this ?
Why have you hired the professional agency spending thousands or lacks of rupees to capture the most important day of your lives to relive those memories forever?
In short; people come in front of the photographers / cinematographers with their smartphone camera on, even during the most important rituals like Sindoor, Mangalsutra, Pheras or the Couple’s entry because of that most important element of your event is gone missed. Now whom to put the blame on? People ask photographers that this has not captured properly or this thing has been missed; what should we reply to them? Because your family members came in between that moment or your family members denied to shift a few inches because they wanted to enjoy the view & their cellphone picture is more important than the Photographer hired for this job to be done in an excellent way. The choice is yours!

Solutions to this is, family members should be told in advance to cooperate with the Photography team. Couple’s entry should be well planned & organised that everyone should be well aware of the arrangements & whats going to happen next. Sitting arrangement of the people should be done by the event / wedding planners only so that the mandatory distance b/w the couple & the guests is maintained (a minimum of 15-20 feet from the couple) because of that even the photographers can work from a distance and doesn’t create the chaos during the rituals & even the rest of the guests can enjoy the view. 

7. Requirements: We & Every Other Agency Needs

As a Photographer & Cinematographer, we and every other agency having certain requirements on field.

– Stage Riser; a riser matching to the stage height for the photography team to match up the height of the stage so that the photos can be clicked at Eye level.

– Electric Point near by the stage & the mandap or any other place where the couple is going to hold up for longer time so that the photography team can setup the lights & works fast accordingly or there must be proper lights arrangement in advance as mentioned above.

– If the wedding venue is more than 5 Kms from the Photographers city or location, in that case team requires a separate common room where they can keep their equipments safe & charging. The most important, keeping the data safe & backup at times. Although the teams have usually started working early in the morning & the ones who gets late when everything wind up, so yes they needs rest in between whenever they find a window.

– Photography team doesn’t get enough time for the meals. So their meals should be at venue only so that they can have it whenever they find a window. If not in that case team deserve a lunch break b/w 1-2 PM & dinner break around 9-10 PM.

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