Do you guys travel?

Yes, we do! All over the world in fact, but you’ll have to get us there and give us a place to sleep! However, if you keep checking our Instagram/Facebook page, you’ll be able to track us with some amazing travel feed.

How big is your crew size?

Our services are customized to your wedding, and so is our crew. We have a great team of four and a fantastic team of fifteen. We wouldn’t compromise on production value so you can trust our instinct on how many people you would need.

How much does your Photography & Films cost?

The budget depends upon the size & type of wedding. Each wedding is customizable starting from 1.0 L per day. The cost also depends upon the size of the crew & other talents as per the requirements. Additional services such as aerial videography, same-day edits, personalized soundtrack, quick delivery, and any other additional requirements would be an additional cost.

How soon we'll get our Album & Film?

You could get a set of photos on the 3rd week of your wedding, or depending on how busy we’ve been. The wedding film & album could take us between three to four months to create. But we’ve been told it’s worth the wait!

Can we hire another team with PWB?

We like to shoot very unobtrusively, without scripting, rehearsing, or making you conscious of our presence and it’s hard to do so when you have lights and cameras all over you. We also insist on one team only for both the families, especially at the common events. That way you’ll get the best of both!

Do you offer same-day edits?

Although we do offer same-day edits, it is not something we recommend because a hurried edit may take away from the soul of a film. However, if you wish to hire this service, you can ask our team & have a look at some of our past work.

Do you make memories only in Weddings?

Being born, growing old, falling in love, and even losing a loved one are epic moments for us all. Write to us and If we feel there is a story to be told, we would do our best to tell it.

Location & shooting permissons?

We suggest clients have to take care of the location & shooting permissions, depending on the availability & budget. However, you may ask our team for the locations or you can go through our blog for the same.