The Exceptional

// The Exceptional

Taking this review ahead, this case is of a couple Named Deepanjali & Gyan as we all can see on the reviewer's name.

On the initial we have been booked for the Pre Wedding shoot. That usually a one day shoot, but in case the couple couldn’t perform well on day 1 & if we didn’t get enough satisfactory content from Day 1; we offer another half day shoot for the couple just to give best outcome for their shoot.
But this couple cancelled their 2nd day shoot & keep insisting we should shoot their sangeet instead of Pre Wedding. That’s completely impossible at our agency or any other agency around the country. But on a good will we decided to offer them a sangeet shoot but with a basic team size of 2 people; 1 for the photography & 1 for videography. Off course this is a complimentary thing so the client can not ask much from this team. When we deliver the content, client complaining about “team has not captured the closeups or there are not variations in sangeet performances” as it is impossible to shoot with different angels & focal lenses with a single photographer & cinematographer specially at the sangeet ceremony. Standard team size for sangeet is of 5-6 People Crew. Minimum should be at least 4 people; 1 Photographer & 1 Cinematographer to shoot the continuous performances from a fix position; secondary Photographer & Cinematographer to take the multi angle shots & closeups. Thats how a sangeet is shot in every wedding.

Still we deliver the sangeet & made all the possible changes they asked.

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