Wedding Decor Guide for some amazing Pictures

Wedding Decor Guide for some amazing Pictures

1. Day Wedding

As we all know, nothing can beat the day lights or sun light. So, if you can plan your wedding in the Day & Outdoor probably that would give you the best results in Photography & Videography. People generally don’t notice, the most amazing pictures & video they notice over the internet are from Day Weddings.

2. Mandap - The Main Key Element of a Wedding

Mandap is the only place or element, where couple will be sitting together in 70% of the weddings in India (*If we skip destination weddings or large scale events of Haldi & Sangeet as an exception). So most of the pictures of the couple together performing the main key rituals of a wedding is happen in Mandap. So, according to us you need to majorly focus on the size & decor of the mandap. Here we are attaching the dimension & example for the standard mandap size that we see all over internet.

1.) Size: Width & Length should be 16*16 Ft. // Height should be 12 ft. tall to look like extravagant. || Else whatever can be arranged, every photographer try their best to deliver you the best memories.

2.) Audience sitting arrange should be in front, left side & ride side of the couple. Backdrop or back side of the couple should be decor or with the scenic view depending upon your venue, subjected to available resources you have. *Strictly avoid sitting arrangement backside of the couple, walking pathway for the people either its a day wedding or night wedding.

3.) Hawan Kund should be the larger one that can be arranged easily or tell your Pandit / Guruji for this requirement or now a days decor vendors help you with this, the more amount of fire will be there your pictures / videos looks extravagant.

4.) Decor; it should be well decor, simple – neat & clean, nothing much heavily filled or too much of hanging that touches the couple’s head. Use pastel colours, warm or off-white lights that matches the decor & maintain the colour scheme which is used in fabrics & flowers. *Strictly avoid RGB or multicolour lights.

3. Lights - for the nights.

According to photography; lights used in the decor must be white or off white in colour. Those colour full lights / RGB mashes the decor, the white flower turn red or purple or pink even the yellow or red fabric turns magenta just because of the coloured LED lights in the decor so there’s no use of white flower if we wanted them to be turned blue or purple.Off White looks decent, luxury, extravagant just like some royal weddings. Those golden / off white lights nourishes the decor, also makes your skin looks good in pictures.

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